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Our Mission

Love Letters International will offer an ever expanding product line that celebrates and expresses an awareness of the good in ourselves, each other, and in the power of love. Love Letters’ purpose is to spread a feeling of harmony by providing thought provoking gifts designed to touch the hearts and lives of others. To allow the world to access Love Letters, we have chosen the World Wide Web as the location for our gift shop; our doors are open to all, no exclusions.

Originally, Love Letters International was just about high quality designs to celebrate the universal longing to express the connection, innocence, and humor LOVE brings into our lives. Through this creation we have found many ways to share our connection. Love Letters believes our lives are varied expressions and celebrations of love. We want to journey with you, striving to recognize and relinquish all tendencies to judge.

Love Letters understands the responsibility and impact of the smallest details of our lives. We carefully consider everything included on the site as we send it into the world. Each section contains a special message to share. Each is intended to make a difference. Enjoy your visit.

Special Thanks to Unity Book Store and Serenity West of Austin, Texas. These fine merchants now have Love Letters products in their stores, Please stop by and visit them soon !!!

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