Welcome to the new Open Heart website. Carol and Victor Grey started their original OpenHeart.com website in 1996 following Carol's successful open heart surgery in 1995 for removal of a tennis ball-sized tumor from the left atrium of her heart. You can read about the surgery here.


The original website was created to provide information about their work including their workshops, projects and products. Over the years, they created separate websites to feature their work and the Open Heart site became mostly a gateway site to their other websites. 


One of their projects begun in 1996 was what they hoped would be a way to create a world of harmony and peace by engaging enough people in an experiment to see if the world's perception of "good and evil" could be shifted to a perception of love. They called it the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment. That project that has stayed consistently associated with the OpenHeart.com website. Therefore, in redesigning and bringing the Open Heart website up-to-date, they decided devote it entirely to spreading the word about the World Peace Experiment.

Click here for more information about this experiment and how you can participate.